Make History with BritanniaCoin: Pre-sale Now Open!

  • BritanniaCoin launched its pre-release, with 316,000 coins available for purchase at 6USD each, ahead of its launch later this year. 10% of the proceeds from the pre-sale will be donated to charity.
  • BritanniaCoin has developed its own software wallet, downloadable on the Apple App Store and Google Play. It also has a bespoke hardware wallet platform which is currently available to private investors and commercial clients who contact them via their website.
  • BritanniaCoin has multiple long-term goals, including expanding its community, improving user experience, and launching an NFT project providing holders with unique advantages.


Chainwire Aptius Ltd, a British financial enterprise, has developed a new cryptocurrency called BritanniaCoin which will be available for pre-sale from June 18th onwards, ahead of its launch later this year. This article introduces BritanniaCoin’s pre-release details, software wallets and hardware wallets as well as its charitable aims and long term goals.

Pre Release Event Details

BritanniaCoin is a British-built blockchain that introduces real-world applications while honouring British cultural heritage. The pre-release contains 316,000 coins for sale fixed at 6 USD per coin in honour of the official unification of England and Scotland in 1707 – 316 years ago. The pre-release presents an opportunity to purchase BritanniaCoin before its launch on exchanges at 8 USD per coin. 10% of the proceeds from the pre-sale will be donated to charity as listed on the BritanniaCoin website; additionally 125,000 coins will be given away during this summer’s pre-sale event. BritanniaCoin is 100% self funded and developed with no silent partners as detailed in their white paper .

Software & Hardware Wallets

BritannicaCoin is launching a software wallet for public download on Apple App Store and Google Play stores. Furthermore it has introduced its own bespoke hardware infrastructure accessible to private investors and commercial customers through their website. They are also considering providing customers for their planned NFT project access to hardware wallets in future – further details pending confirmation. Moreover following completion of their 2nd stage ICO they intend to center blockchain ecosystem around this technology basis enhancing customer security & anonymity along with technological innovation opportunities.

Charitable Initiatives

As part of Britannica Coin’s commitment to charitable causes they intend donating 10% of proceeds from pre sale event towards charity organizations such as Hearts Of Gold whose aim is improve lives vulnerable people globally . This initiative intends foster eco system within Britain representing nation’s values integrating historic cultural legacy alongside technological innovation .

Long Term Goals

Further plans include expanding community base by offering improved user experience along side introducing NFT projects where holders gain unique advantages enabling access exclusive content . Overall Britannica Coin pursues multiple long term objectives encouraging growth , development & progress within communities worldwide by utilising blockchain technology .